JIIFSC Terms and Conditions

JIIFSC Rules and Regulations

· Relatives of the Organizer or the Judges are prohibited from entering the competition.

JIIFSC is open to any Jamaican Born Artist (or Artists of Jamaican Descent) residing outside of Jamaica.

·         Relatives of the Organizer or the Judges are prohibited from entering the competition.

  •          Main artist must be 18 years or older.

  •   Entrants must submit a signed application form.

  • Submit the song in MP3 Format to

  • Maximum song length is 4 minutes.

  •   Pay the entrant fee of US$150.00 (non-refundable)

  •   Submit the Lyric Sheet to

  •     The recording label, artist, songwriter, producer, must be identified.

· Entry songs MUST be an original. The songs MUST have been created for the JIIFSC Competition. Prior released songs are prohibited from entering the competition. Artists/Other persons will indemnify and hold JIIFSC harmless, against all claims, regarding the validity or the originality of the song entered. The song  must have NO expletives. It must reflect the island culture. An International Flavor MUST be included (use the theme song “Gimme Jamaica” as a guide).

·         JIIFSC reserves the right to determine how the winning song is selected. JIIFSC reserves the right to accept or reject a song without cause.

· Twelve songs will be selected for the Preliminary round and then seven songs for the Finals.  JIIFSC is permitted to share the songs with the Judges.

·Main artists will perform virtually or live. The finals may be virtual or in a live forum. The decision of the forum will be decided by JIIFSC only and announced to the artists. A five Judge Panel will decide the winner. The decision by the Judges is final. All artists entering agree that the decision of JIIFSC and the judges are final, and they will be bound by the decision.      

·         · An artist entering this competition cannot enter the same song in another competition during the same period, that this competition is running.

• 1st Prize: US $8,000 + trophy

•  2nd Prize: US $4,000 + trophy

•  3rd prize: US $1,000.00

· The division of the prize is the responsibility of the winner(s). JIIFSC is hereby given permission to use the artist(s) names, pictures, song(s) and any communications with the artist(s) during and after the competition for publicity and advertising purposes without any compensation to the entrant or his or her associates.

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