1. Applications and entry fees will be accepted from 2-4-23 through 5-15-23. This will be done via JIIFSC’s website.

Mp3 is due by 5-15-2023, and should be emailed to Jiifsc@gmail.com (Only submit the mp3 here if you did not submit with application).

  • The JIIFSC committee will review the songs and select the top twelve. On 5-17-23 at 5pm, we will announce the top 12 via virtual press conference.

  • The list of the top twelve songs will be sent to the PR team for publication on May 15, 2023.  

  • 5-16-23- 6-29-23 a 5-minute video clip of each artist will be aired featuring the top 12 artists. This will be the artist’s opportunity to tell us who they are, and their motivation for entering the competition.

  • On 5-18-23 through 6-30-23, fans, will be invited to cast their vote for their favorite song. Fans will have access to vote via the website, jiifsc.com. The website will recognize each vote by the fans email address, thus restricting the vote to one per email address per day.

Fan vote will account for 5% of the total vote, to determine the top 7 songs. Judges will submit their choice of the top 7 songs to the JIIFSC committee by 10 AM.  On 7-1-23. On 7-2-23, there will be a virtual press conference to announce the top 7 songs for the final.

The JIIFSC finals will be held live on 7-29-23. The Judges will make their final votes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners.


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